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Categories of drilling machine in the market

Many types and sizes of drilling machines are used in manufacturing of metal products. The sizes range from a small bench type drill press to the large multiple-spindle radial drilling machines able to work on many drills at the same time.
Simple drill press: A simple drill press, may be floor-mounted, or have a shorter main post and be mounted on a cabinet. The motion of this machine is very simple. The table on a floor model can be raised or lowered and rotated around the machine column. The spindle rotates and can be raised and lowered, with a stroke of 4 inches to 10 inches. Stops can be set to limit and regulate the depth.
Sensitive drill press: The name "sensitive" is used to indicate that its feed is hand operated and that the spindle and drilling head are counterbalanced so that the worker can "feel" the pressure needed for efficient cutting.
The drill press has the same motions as the previous one plus a telescoping lead screw for raising and lowering the table and a moving drilling head. These two features allow easier handling of parts of different heights.
Radial drilling machine: For handling medium to very large castings, valves, or forgings, radial drills are quite suitable; The length of the arm along which the spindle headstock specifies the size, and its length could be 1000mm to 2500mm. The column that holds the arm may be from 200mm to 600mm in diameter.
For very large work, the arm may be rotated 360 degrees and work placed on the base plate. Speeds and feeds are dialed in by the machine operator and are the same as for other drill presses.