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XK7130A CNC milling machine

XK7130A CNC milling machine

XK7130A CNC milling machine


  1. Use

The machine can be used for milling, boring, drilling. The machine is suitable for performing various procedures such as plane surface, inclined surface, slot, gears, spline and grooves. It's therefore to meet maintenance and manufacture in various enterprises, especially for manufacturing tools, fixtures and dies, etc.

2. The structure

The machine is composed of the base, table, column, milling machine head, rise-and-fall mechanism, lubrication system, cooling system and electric system. The electric cabinet is installed on the rear face of the column; the electric operation panel is hanged in the front of the right side of the column.

1Precision high-speed milling head, high speed, change  speed range is big, the spindle can be rotation on 66 - 4540 RPM speed 2 steps 16 level speed.

2)Milling head is movable front and back, can be adjust ±45 ° in vertical plane, rotary 360 °in the horizontal plane, expanding processing range.

3)X, Y, Z  3-direction guideway is precision grinding after super audio quenching, ensure the accuracy stability of machine.

4)CNC system has the function of circulation, compensation, and can realize three-axis linkage machining.


Main specifications,

X, Y, Z travel, 460/210/360mm

Spindle nose to table, 120-480mm

Spindle center to column, 200-500mm

Table Size, 1000*280mm

Table load, 150KG

T slot QTY/ width/center distance, 3-14-63mm

Rapid feed speed, 3m/min

Feed speed, 2m/min,

Spindle speed, 66-4540rpm, 16 steps

Main motor, 2.2KW

Machine weight, 1300KG

Dimension, 1560×1340×2130mm